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Water Leak Adjustment Form



In order to promote water conservation, The General Manager or designee is authorized to consider a potential adjustment to a customer’s water and sewer bill for up to two months out of any 24-month period. The customer must prove that the excess usage occurred as a result of a water leak and that the leak has been repaired.  Listed below are the conditions required to be eligible for an adjustment:

1.      Customers may apply for a water leak adjustment by completing a Water Leak Adjustment Request Form available at the MCSD office, 1656 Sutter Road, McKinleyville.

2.      Customers will provide receipts for parts or a copy of the plumber’s bill if available.  If no receipts are provided, the District may wait until the next scheduled meter read date to verify that the leak has been repaired.

3.      The adjustment may be calculated as up to 50% of the difference between the actual water charge for the month of the leak and the average monthly charge based on a three month average from the prior year or the longest period of the customer’s use, if less than 3 months.

4.      The maximum amount of any single adjustment by the General Manager shall not exceed $750.00.

5.      The decision of the General Manager shall be final unless the Board Chairman finds there would be good cause for a Board hearing or appeal.


Revised May 2, 2018 by Board action

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