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Community Builder Award

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Presentation of the Community Builder Award to Charlie Caldwell by Parks & Recreation Director, Lesley Frisbee and the Board.

The “Community Builder Award” is an award the District presents to local individuals, businesses, and organizations for their volunteer service, sponsorship, promotion of programs and events, outstanding service in the interest of the District, and for other contributions significant to McKinleyville’s quality of life. District Staff has identified Charlie Caldwell as a worthy recipient of the award for 2021 for his dedication to serving and supporting the community.

Charlie has been a champion for the development of a skatepark in McKinleyville for over 20 years. As a skatepark champion, Charlie has dedicated countless hours writing grants, doing community outreach, fundraising and hosting skate ramps at various community events, always encouraging more people to learn and enjoy skate boarding.

He has been a valued member of the Park & Recreation Committee (PARC), since April of 2012. Charlie actively participates in promoting and supporting all of the recreation opportunities available to the community. He is also a member of the McKinleyville Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors, where again, he donates his free time and skills in service to the good of the community. You will see Charlie watering flowerpots along Central Ave. in the spring and summer, setting up skate ramps at Music in the Park, Pony Express Days Festival and World Wide Day of Play, and also putting up the Christmas Tree of Lights at the Safeway Shopping Center.

Charlie is driven to provide positive opportunities for youth and families in the community. He loves outdoor opportunities available to community here and the heart of the people who work to bring out the best of those opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Charlie is excited about the coming developments of the community forest and the BMX track and park projects and looks forward to seeing the skatepark at Pierson Park come to fruition as well.

It has been a great pleasure getting to know and work with Charlie over the last many years. His effort and willingness to support projects in service to the health and well being of the community are testament to his role as a “Community Builder.”


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