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Notice of Public Hearing for Measure B

RELEASE DATE:             Thursday, Sept. 7, 2023

RUN DATE:                Friday, Sept. 8, 2023 

(707) 839-3251 


McKinleyville, CA – 

In 1991, Measure B was passed by voters, authorizing the McKinleyville CSD (MCSD or CSD) to collect annual assessments in order to construct a new community center, to purchase land for sports fields and to provide for the maintenance and operation of park and recreational facilities. The 1991 Measure B Maintenance Assessment District (the “District”) was formed to levy and collect annual assessments on the County tax rolls pursuant to the Landscape and Lighting Act of 1972 for a period of twenty (20) years. With the original Measure B Assessment District and assessments set to expire (sunset) in 2012, the continued operation and maintenance of the park and recreational improvements and facilities provided to the community by the CSD – including the McKinleyville Activity Center, Hiller Sports Complex and Azalea Hall – would have been jeopardized. 
Therefore, in 2010, the McKinleyville CSD Board of Directors (“Board” or “Board of Directors”) initiated proceedings to reestablish a special benefit assessment district within the CSD designated as the:

McKinleyville Community Services District Measure B Maintenance Assessment District – Renewal for Parks, Open Space, and Recreational Facilities

for the purpose of providing and continuing a stable revenue source, coupled with available grants and donations from other sources, to fund the ongoing operation, maintenance, expansion, enhancement, construction, renovation and rehabilitation of the MCSD parks and recreational improvements including parks, wilderness parklands, open space, trails, sports facilities, recreation and activity centers and facilities, including incidental expenses and debt services for any bond(s), loans or other repayment plans incurred to finance capital improvements (collectively referred to as “Improvements”) that provide special benefits to properties within the CSD. The Board of Directors proposed to form (reestablish) the Measure B Maintenance Assessment District – Renewal for Parks, Open Space, and Recreational Facilities (“District”), and to levy and collect annual assessments on the County tax rolls to fund in whole or in part the improvements including related debt service on bonds that may be issued or loan agreements to finance the authorized improvements. 

For the past several years, the District revenue collections have been insufficient to cover the operational and maintenance costs for the improvements maintained by the CSD, such that the District is carrying a negative fund balance. Therefore, the CSD has proposed an increased assessment, and the addition of an annual inflationary adjustment to the maximum rate. To better align with the CSD’s purpose, and to fund the maintenance and operations of the wide range of improvements more adequately, the McKinleyville Community Services District Measure B Maintenance Assessment District – Renewal for Parks, Open Space, and Recreational Facilities increased assessment is proposed to be established pursuant to the Landscaping and Lighting Act of 1972 (Sts. & Hy. Code, sec. 22500 et seq.), and additionally The Improvement Act of 1911 (Sts. & Hy. Code sec. 5000, et. Seq.) and The Improvement Act of 1913 (Sts. & Hy. Code sec. 10000, et. seq.)  (See Gov. Code, secs. 61122 & 61129). The proposed new assessment will fund: 
•    Maintaining the building housing the Sheriff’s Facility in McKinleyville
•    Keeping park restrooms open and clean
•    Keeping the Senior Center open and maintained
•    Maintaining Azalea Hall, the Library, our Teen & Community Center and Activity Center
•    Maintaining playfields and playgrounds in all parks
•    Other community services 

On September 6, 2023 the Board adopted Resolution 2023-18 which authorizes the preparation of the Engineer’s Report for the establishment of the increased assessment; and Resolution 2022-19 which accepts the Engineering Report, sets the date for the public hearing, and authorized balloting on the Measure.

The Engineer's Report anticipates that Measure B collections from the existing 5,738 taxable parcels in the assessment district that benefit from the improvements, and based on a proposed assessment rate of $94 per equivalent benefit unit year, the assessment revenue to be levied and collected on the tax rolls will be approximately $701,660. This assessment revenue represents approximately 26% of the total estimated $2,745,010 budgeted for Fiscal Year 2023/2024 to fund the operation and maintenance of MCSD’s parks and recreation facilities. The District will use grants and other funding sources to pay for the remainder of this budget. A more detailed description of the proposed improvements, budget and assessment can be found in the Engineer’s Report, which is on file with the District and available for public inspection. By law, Assessment District revenues can only be spent for the purposes stated. The District will conduct annual financial audits to ensure that revenues are expended as authorized.

In accordance with Chapter 3 Section §22626 of the 1972 Act, notice of the public hearing shall be given by causing such notice to be published one time in a newspaper of general circulation at least 10 days prior to the date of hearing pursuant to Chapter 1, Article 3 Sections 22552 and 22553 of the Act

On Wednesday, November 1, 2023, at 6:00 p.m., the Board of Directors of the McKinleyville Community Services District will hold a public hearing on the assessment at the following telephonic and electronic locations:
Azalea Hall
1620 Pickett Road
McKinleyville, California


ZOOM MEETING ID: 859 4543 6653 (
DIAL IN TOLL FREE: 1-888-788-0099 

If you have questions about this notice or the assessment, please contact Pat Kaspari at (707) 839-3251.