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Northern & Southern Intertie Pipeline Project

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The Northern and Southern Intertie Pipeline project will provide an alternative emergency water supply pipeline for McKinleyville Community Services District in the event that the current line under the Mad River fails, or breaks, as a result of a natural disaster (such as an earthquake).  The intertie will be utilized in an emergency situation to complete an interconnect with the City of Arcata and allow the flow of water in either direction.   

MCSD proposed making these improvements to assure the reliability of our water supply for residents and all others in the MCSD.  A grant for funding was applied for, and provided by, the California Department of Public Health.

The project included improvements in both the communities of McKinleyville (Northern Intertie) and Arcata (Southern Intertie).   During the first phase of the project, MCSD designed a 12 inch ductile iron emergency pipeline and had it constructed in the eastern span of the new Mad River Bridge during it's construction.

The Southern Intertie begins at Guintoli Lane.  A 12 inch mainline was constructed to the North along Wymore Road.  It connects to the emergency pipeline at the south end of the Mad River bridge.

The Northern Intertie extends east from the emergency pipeline at the north end of the Mad River Bridge, also with 12 inch  mainline.  It runs along North Bank Road to the Ramey Pump Station at Azalea Avenue.