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Maintaining McKinleyville

As McKinleyville continues to address the continuing impacts from COVID and rapidly rising inflation, we are working diligently to maintain the local services that our residents have come to enjoy and expect.

But we have some tough future budget choices to make, and want those choices to be informed by our community. That is why we recently conducted an updated community survey to obtain initial resident input on service priorities. Some of the priorities identified by your neighbors include:

  • Keeping the McKinleyville Sheriff's Office open.
  • Keeping park restrooms open and clean, maintaining safety lighting, playfields and playgrounds in Pierson Park and all parks.
  • Keeping the Senior Center and Library open and maintaining Azalea Hall.
  • Maintaining the Teen Center that gives kids a safe place to go after school.
  • Keeping open space and trails open/maintained.

Now that we have feedback from your neighbors, we want to hear from you.

Please tell us what you think TODAY by taking a moment to review our Frequently Asked Questions and completing a Community Feedback Survey (link to survey below).

Community Feedback Survey

Getting More Information

Frequently Asked Questions.pdfMcKinleyville Community Presentation Slides.pdf


Thank you for your commitment to our community.