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Brown Act Compliance Policy


From the MCSD Board Policy Manual - 




Rule 5-1: REGULAR MEETINGS - Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held on the first Wednesday of each calendar month at 7:00 PM at either Azalea Hall 1620 Pickett Road or the District Office 1656 Sutter Road as specified by the agenda. The date, time, and place of regular meetings shall be reconsidered annually at the annual organizational meeting of the Board.

5-1A: Virtual Meetings – On March 12, California State Governor Newsom signed Executive Order N-25-20 with clarifying regulations through Executive Order N-29-20 on March 20, 2020, relaxing specific location meeting requirements of the Brown Act. On April 1, 2020 MCSD approved Resolution 2020-05 aligning with executive orders to allow for Regular board meetings to meet virtually via zoom webinar or at the following Toll Free: 1-888-788-0099. This regulation will remain in effect until rescinded by the Governor. If similar circumstances in the future require virtual meetings, a new Resolution will be drafted and voted on by the Board.

Rule 5-2: SPECIAL MEETINGS (NON-EMERGENCY) - Special meetings (non-emergency) of the Board of Directors may be called by the President.

5-2A Notice: All Directors, the Manager and District Counsel shall be notified of the Special Board Meeting and the purpose or purposes for which it is called. Said notification shall be in writing, delivered to them at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the meeting.

5-2B Notification: Newspapers of general circulation in the District, radio stations and television stations, organizations, and property owners who have requested notice of Special Meetings in accordance with the Ralph M. Brown Act (California Government Code 54950 through 54960) shall be notified by a mailing unless the Special Meeting is called less than one week in advance, in which case, notice, including a description of the business to be transacted, will be given by telephone during business hours as soon after the meeting is scheduled as is practical.

5-2C Agenda: An agenda shall be prepared as specified for the Regular Board Meetings and shall be delivered with the notice of the Special Meeting to those specified above.

5-2D New Business: Only those items of business listed in the call for the Special Meeting shall be considered at any Special Meeting.

Rule 5-3: SPECIAL MEETINGS (EMERGENCY) - In the event of an emergency situation involving matters upon which prompt action is necessary due to the disruption or threatened immediate disruption of public facilities, the Board of Directors may hold an emergency special meeting without complying with the twenty-four (24) hour notice required above. An emergency situation means a substantial emergency which severely impairs or threatens public health, safety or both, as determined by the General Manager and Board President or Vice President in the President's absence.

5-3A Notification: Newspapers of general circulation in the District, radio stations and television stations which have requested notice of Special Meetings in accordance with the Ralph M. Brown Act shall be notified by at least one (1) hour prior to the emergency meeting. In the event that telephone services are not working, the notice requirement of one hour is waived, but the General Manager, or their designee, shall notify such newspapers, radio stations or television stations of the fact of holding the Emergency Special Meeting and of any action taken by the Board, as soon after the meeting as possible.
5-3B New Business: No Closed Session may be held during an Emergency Special Meeting, and all other rules governing Special Meetings shall be observed with the exception of the twenty-four (24) hour notice. The minutes of the Emergency Special Meeting, a list of persons the General Manager or designee notified or attempted to notify, a copy of the roll call vote(s), and any actions taken at such meeting shall be posted for a minimum of ten (10) days in the District office as soon after the meeting as possible.

Rule 5-4: ADJOURNED MEETINGS - A majority vote by the Board of Directors may terminate any Board meeting at any place in the agenda, to any time and place specified in the order of adjournment, except when a quorum is lacking at any Regular or Adjourned Meeting, the members present may declare the meeting adjourned to a stated time and place, and they shall cause a written notice of adjournment to be given to those specified above.

Rule 5-5: ANNUAL ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING - The Board of Directors shall hold an annual meeting at its Regular Meeting in December. At this meeting the Board will elect a President and Vice-President from among its members to serve during the coming calendar year, and will appoint the Finance Director as the Board's Treasurer and the General Manager shall select a staff member to serve as the Board's Secretary.

Rule 5-6: ORDER OF AGENDA - The Presiding Officer of the meeting described herein shall determine the order in which the agenda items shall be considered for discussion and/or action by the Board. Any Director may place an item on a Board Meeting agenda by submitting a letter describing the item to be discussed at least fourteen days prior to the Board Meeting.
Rule 5-7: MEETING ROOM PREPARATION - The Board President and the General Manager shall insure that appropriate information is available for the audience at meetings of the Board of Directors, and that physical facilities for said meetings are functional and appropriate.